Starting a business is hard. It takes time, money, and dedication to get your idea off the ground. If you’re serious about starting a business but don’t know where to start or what to do next, we can help. We have helped hundreds of startups succeed by providing advice on their ideas and helping them take actionable steps towards success. Our team has decades of experience in the startup world and is here for you every step of the way.

We offer one-on-one mentoring services as well as group workshops that will give you all the tools needed to make your dream come true!

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Where Do You Want To Go 

What does your ideal future look like? If you’re like most aspiring entrepreneurs, you might see your achievement through the lens of a beautiful office overlooking the ocean or a 4-hour-work-week ideal described in the book by Tim Ferris. Whether either of these concepts appeals to you, we want to learn about your idea of this ‘working paradise’. 

So, let’s leave the intricacies and challenges of the business career aside and take a stroll down that imagined beach for a moment. Let us take you on a journey toward the business venture of your dreams. Let’s talk about where you want to go… 

Success Is Relative 

What success means to one person, won’t be seen as much of an achievement to another. Like most aspects of life, success is relative and very, very personal. There are, however, some pieces of this ‘ideal state’, which will resonate with most of the population. Health, financial stability, and freedom of choice are the few parts of this gratification mountain, without which it would be rather difficult to enjoy any kind of achievement. 

Before we dive deep into the stories of success or provoke you to express your ideas about this ‘state to be’, we want to underline these few factors, which you should first take care of. Any piece of writing on the subject of achievement will tell you that tending to one’s health is the most essential and most urgent matter to commit to. You won’t be able to run a successful start-up if your body gives in to a dis-ease of any kind. Similarly, it will be rather difficult to overcome entrepreneurial hurdles and outsource the needed pieces of a puzzle, when your financial stability is well… far from stable. You need to be in a position of power, and that requires you to feel in control of both your health and your wallet. 

Start With The End In Mind 

Alright, so let’s take that stroll towards the wishing well. What kind of success would you like to see for your business venture? Maybe, we should ask first, what kind of a venture do you have in mind? Whether you’re aspiring to set up a start-up or want to grow your business, which has been on the market for a while, initiatives are best taken when the end goal is already outlined. Our team at Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. will be able to help you polish the details, but we want you to have an idea of where you’re heading, so we can work to help you with your dream, rather than shape it to match ours. As we mentioned before, success is relative…

That is why we want you to start with the end in mind. What are we aiming for? Where do you see your start-up in the next three years? At which point of its scaling would you be ready to sell? Asking these questions early on will inevitably accelerate your growth and make decisions easier. When the direction and the ‘why’ of the venture are known, choosing the appropriate means to an end comes with more ease and poise. To keep your head cool in those hot moments you need clarity of vision. So, tell us, what lies ahead for you? 

Think Of The Potential Not The Challenges

Humans are wired to solve problems. This is how we ‘roll’. Finding holes in the plan, recognising the obstacles in advance, or preparing for the ‘worst-case scenario’ is ingrained in our DNA. It’s a part of being human. But it’s not necessarily the best, when it comes to business ventures, especially at the earliest stage of their development. 

Young entrepreneurs and small business owners are notorious for coming up with their own obstacles. They simply get in their own way. That is why we’re here to help! You have to understand that it’s okay not to know everything just yet and you’ve got to go for it anyway. There is no paved path on the road to your start-up’s success. You have to pave it yourself. With the help of our experts, you will overcome the hurdles and create the changes where those changes are due. Don’t you worry about that. Instead, think of the potential. What should we aim for? Where should we go? What is it we’re striving for? If you’re willing to entrust your vision in our hands, as many entrepreneurs did before you, you should rest peacefully knowing that the bumpy road ahead is yours to take and thrive on. Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. has got your back. 

How To Get There 

How often do you hear this question in your head? Honestly. How often? If you’re like many of us in the team, you’re probably quite familiar with it, maybe you’re even friends already. It is completely normal for this kind of internal dialogue to take place within. It is an expression of your mind and heart’s care for your aspirations and adventures. It is a symphony of self-care. You just have to realise and see it this way. 

So, instead of worrying about it more, take it lightly and use it to drive the change you wish to see. Many, if not all, entrepreneurs that ever walked this earth will agree that most of the achievement and success comes up in the process, often times when we’re least sure of our striving. Instead of contemplating the road, you’ve got to take it. Our team at Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. will dedicate their time to help you figure out the ‘how’. You don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ to reap the benefits of a successful entrepreneurial venture. Let us help you find your niche, apply your expertise, and monetize your services in the way that suits you best. That’s what we’re here for! 

Take The First Step

Whatever your current situation might be, we’d like to hear from you. Our mission is to bring success to our clients and until we know your story we wouldn’t dare give any specialised advice. That’s why we’d like you to book a free information call with us. Let’s have a brief conversation and see if your start-up or business venture can gain from our expertise.