Proud To Be Different

Challenging the status quo is what we do


Who Should Not Read This 

A weird title to start with, don’t you think? Before we dive into this unique and rather eccentric article, we wanted to help you choose, whether reading it is something you’ll enjoy or something that will simply waste your time. As time is all we ultimately have – a resource that cannot be bought or exchanged however hard one would try, we wouldn’t want you to lose any of it on our account. So, who should not read this article? 


Do not read on if you’re comfortable being one of the masses. Do not continue, if your aspirations are pushed aside in exchange for ‘the contemporary path towards success’. Do not waste a moment more with these words, if you’re not looking for new opportunities, you’re not aspiring for greater success, or you’re not willing to take on the challenge of conquering the marketplace with your idea. Simply put, do not read on if you’d rather do your nine-to-five, get paid, and go back home to watch TV repeating this routine for the next fifty years or so. Otherwise…


Nice To Meet You Stranger

Now that we got rid of the readers who would ultimately lose their time exploring our thoughts, we are happy to welcome you into this space. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Without you, the world wouldn’t be where it is and we want to salute you for the wonderful, difference-affirming being you are. Thank you for challenging the status quo and we’re happy you’ve decided to join us. 


Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. is proud to acknowledge the variety and uniqueness of our team, clients, and collaborators. We believe to be the force of positive change and advancement, a supportive wave of empowerment and exploration for those who wish to join us in stride. So, thank you for taking the time to read on, we’ve got some inspiring things to share with you. 


#1 – No Bad Questions 

Have you ever experienced an unpleasant reaction to a question that challenged the popular view? There is hardly anyone on the planet that didn’t. Quite frankly, it is likely the most common reaction to any outstanding or simply different idea or point of view that gets tossed around in the world. People are shunned daily for their differences, out-the-box thoughts, or responses that do not fit into the framework considered by the majority to be the ‘right way’ of thinking. 


Although we cannot change the world at large, at least not until the majority of the world accepts the attitude we want to share with you, we are excited to change your world with it. In Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. we believe that there are no bad questions and no inappropriate solutions. As long as no one gets hurt or loses on the outcome, anything goes. We want our team and our clients to think creatively, and creativity can only flourish where it is free to be expressed without judgement. So, the first thing we want to share with you is this: challenge your team to be daring; challenge them to doubt, wonder, and experiment; challenge them to be creative. You will be fascinated to see the wonderful progress you might achieve through such an attitude. 


#2 – Play Your Cards 

Do you know the phrase ‘play with the cards you’ve been dealt’? Well, whether you’re familiar with the concept or not, we want to add a little twist to it. Commonly, it is recognised to mean something between the lines of ‘doing what you can with what you have’, and that’s fairly reasonable. But our team at Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. would like to invite you to look at it from a different side. We want you to take advantage of your uniqueness. We want you to play with the cards ‘only you’ have been dealt.


There will come a time in your life, when people around you, the market, or the society will expect you to fit in; to shuffle into the deck. If you’re still reading this, we plead you not to! Do not conform, do not say sorry for your difference, do not struggle to fit in. Stay different. Whatever sector your business might be in, recognising and using your uniqueness is the best strategy to get ahead and create an opening for success. You can play the game created by others or you can create your own game! The choice is yours. 


#3 – Take Risks And Reap Rewards 

The third piece of advice is the most daring one. Even if you’re still with us, you might not have the ‘gut’ to act this one out. And that’s okay. The two mentioned above are good enough to get you ahead of the crowd. But, if you dare, let’s talk about the risk-reward spectrum. If you’ve ever invested, you’re familiar with the concept, which can be summarised in a sentence ‘the higher the risk, the greater the reward’. As far as it is true, it is worth mentioning its other side ‘the higher the risk, the greater the loss’. Just bear this in mind, as we continue. 


Start Up Business Advisors Ltd. works with many investors, investment companies, and clients that look for ways of enhancing their financial portfolio. These laws of investing can also be applied to everyday life and business. The more you’re willing to risk, the more you’re likely to win. Simple. We would like to encourage you to take more chances in your business and life. We don’t mean ‘go and get hurt’, but we do mean ‘dare to try’. Dare to try something new, dare to make that uncomfortable call, dare to invest in the knowledge you know you need. Just dare. If you’re unsure how far you should allow your daring side to take you, let us help you choose. Undoubtedly, however, you will gain plenty from taking that uncomfortable action, whatever it may be.


Stay Different 

As the title of this writing suggests, we want you to take pride in being different. We want you to keep your head up because you deserve to do so. Finally, we want to leave you with this piece of Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken. 


‘Two roads diverged in the wood, 

and I – I took the one less travelled by,

and that has made all the difference’


Thank you for being different. Keep it up. Good luck.